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Below is a list of sub categories with more detailed information. [^1]: Other Models are the ACER EO and ACER Veriton E. This invention relates to capacitive keyboards, and more particularly, to an improved keyboard construction having a dielectric member disposed between the keys and the associated contacts. A wide variety of constructions for capacitive keyboards are known, all involving the use of a dielectric sheet disposed beneath the keys, the sheet having a plurality of conductive wires mounted on one side, spaced apart from one another, and the entire sheet being laminated to the keys with an adhesive. U.S. Pat. No. 3,225,823 and U.S. Pat. No. 3,364,558 describe such constructions. However, while such constructions are quite adequate for many purposes, they are not entirely satisfactory for many others. For example, the keys may be made with a relatively low coefficient of friction on the surface of the dielectric member, resulting in the keys being difficult to operate. Moreover, it is often desirable to form the keys of wood, rather than plastic, since the latter tends to have a relatively high coefficient of friction. U.S. Pat. No. 3,849,720 describes a construction which overcomes the problems of relatively low coefficient of friction and high key surface friction. The construction utilizes a plastic plate having a conductive layer formed on one side and a dielectric layer formed on the opposite side. The dielectric layer is a non-electrically conductive material, and both the conductive layer and the dielectric layer are cut out around the periphery of the plastic plate to form a plurality of keys, each key having an opening therein for receiving a conductive contact. After the keys are in place, the conductive layer is embedded in the dielectric layer. The invention further contemplates providing a rubber pad on the surface of the plastic plate to make the keys less likely to scratch the surface of the plastic. This patent also describes a structure in which the conductive layer is disposed in the form of a contact strip, rather than in the form of a separate strip, and also a structure in which the dielectric layer is also in the form of a contact strip. However, the construction of the '720 patent has certain drawbacks, in that the dielectric layer must be formed on the plastic plate in two separate steps and then must be cut out




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Esi Tronic 2.0 Licensing Crack

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